Limited Elder Dragon Highlander LEDH Format

Limited Elder Dragon Highlander or LEDH is a sub format of EDH. It imposes an altered set of rules to reach certain mission goals. LEDH is a set of rules that seek to reach these missions. The missions are listed below.



  1. Promote unique and different games.
  2. Promote playing magic.
  3. Throttle the speed at which games are played.



  1. No tutors that have a CMC less than 4
  2. No mana rocks that create more mana then their own CMC (Sol Ring, Mana Crypt etc)
  3. No zero cost counter spells
  4. No extra turn spells


In addition to the rules LEDH has a different Banned list. Cards that make the ban list are there because they impact the missions of LEDH in a negative way. LEDH as of Jan 2021 uses the standard EDH banlist and adds more cards to it.

  1. Expropriate