Alpha 40 Beyond

Alpha 40 Beyond came about because the Alpha 40 community needed a place to have a set of rules which had quick, transparent and agile changes. While League has slower iterations to protect players from investing in cards that change due to rules. Beyond makes changes faster and with game play in mind. Another key attribute about Beyond is that it is driven more on community feedback. Utilizing discussions with the community, transparency and voting systems Alpha 40 Beyond seeks to create an environment the community is active in. 

Players are still encouraged to play original league rules, singleton as well as wild. Recognition and gratitude go out to those that spent a lot of time developing the format. Alpha 40 Beyond is about having another organized set of rules that are more community driven, more agile and more yours.

Key driving points in Alpha 40 Beyond:

  • Make as many cards as useful as possible
  • Make the format as accessible as possible
  • Give the format a nostalgic feel
  • Interpret card text logically

We seek to meet as well as balance these key points. Join the Alpha 40 Discord.